Thursday, October 1, 2009

freak topic

sorry late to postin' yea ;D cause i'm busy.3days again i go back to school and you know what?!so many homework(wtf-,-).but i miss you my friends and my class uouooo~ okey!now, on 1 october so??goodbye september ;') cause in september many holiday i like dumsss wkwk.okeoke change topic, emmmm...i've new 'gebetan' loc -_- you know him?he live in puspita and he short and handsome eh idk what happen i'm suddenly hungry -____- and i've promised not to eat until the evening.ije same tomorrow fasya want to keep the pitcher was watching and than us there, and return home to play with me ;p cried tomorrow?now i again badmood yea, the website will not open twitter anyway??ewrrrr.em okay, now think on saturday planning want to go where yaps ease?huh boring~ i've been fly, whywhy?he's invite me in bbm from this morning.emm okey!simply yes i am posting because i am tired ;p byebye my bloggey..

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